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1) Assembly works

- steel constructions
- glass facades
- production technology
- high voltage pillars
- shifting of bridge assembly structures



We provide assembly, disassembly and repairs using climbing equipment in compliance with all safety and health principles. All  our mechanics, fitters and electricians are holders of certificates of competency for work at heights. We also provide  production of structures according to the project documentation, including preparation of all documents necessary for acceptance.



2) Industrial cleaning and cleaning by climbing techniques

- dust removal from steel structures in industrial buildings
- cleaning of glass facades and windows
- cleaning and degreasing of technological units with dry ice
- cleaning of building jacketing
- building approving cleaning
- dust removal in  hot environment - melting units, furnaces etc. 
- cleaning of the inside of silos



Industrial cleaning in heights has been our main focus since 1990. We use suction method to clean structures from dust. We have technology for removal of all types of solid and liquid wastes with a capacity 1.5 - 11 kilowatts. Our specialists are able to get  in heights  where no platform  can be used and remove the layers of dust from places that are very difficult to reach. Falling dust  may threaten the quality of production and there is a potential danger of self-ignition. Our powerful vacuum units are able to remove dust at height of about 30 meters. Involvement of separators enables us to exhaust a very hot dirt from  surface of  melting furnaces, glass furnaces and other heat sources in operation. We provide certificates of ecological liquidation of waste.



3) Industrial automation


- proposal, design, production and implementation of automated and robotic lines
- conveyors
- packaging systems
- special robotic systems
- software
- overhaul and maintenance of production lines
- installation and transport of technologies


We provide a complete service. In cooperation with  ​​Metaltecno s.r.l. Italia we implement proposals for solutions, design, manufacture, installation, commissioning and servicing. We also provide service to existing technologies, including regular maintenance and customer service. We are in constant contact with our customers and can respond flexibly to their requirements throughout the  Czech Republic. Our service - mechanics, electricians, the programmer- is available to customers 24 hours a day, including Saturdays, Sundays and all holidays. Together with ​​Metaltecno s.r.l. Italia we have implemented over 20 projects across Europe. Our customers are mainly companies from the field of processing of glass, tyres, printers. More information can be found at: